Affordable Alternatives for Expensive Flowers

June 12, 2018

Do you tend to gravitate toward the most expensive products on the shelves? Chances are, if you find yourself in the market for flowers, you are going to be drawn toward those expensive beauties that you "just can't live without!"


We have good news! There are gorgeous alternatives to your favorites, and at half the cost!



Swap Peonies for Garden Roses (David Austin Rose)

Peonies: $8-10 per stem

Garden Roses: $4-6 per stem


Peonies are often one of the most desired flowers due to their plentiful petals, round shape, and sweet fragrance. Garden Roses are an excellent alternative to Peonies, because like Peonies, Garden Roses have a high petal count, and are full and round in shape (especially when they fully open). Garden Roses are more fragrant than Peonies, and have an intoxicating sweet perfume. Even better yet, unlike most Peonies, Garden Roses are available year-round!  


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Swap Ranunculus for Anemones


Ranunculus: $5-9 per stem

Anemones: $3-5 per stem


Anemones have a whimsical aesthetic much like a Ranunculus. Beyond price, there are other benefits to using Anemones. An Anemone's stem is more sturdy, which will create a hardier bouquet or arrangement, but still appears to have the wandering and playful appearance of a Ranunculus. Anemones are available in many colors, including pink, lavender, deep purple, yellow, red, white, cream, green, orange, blue, bi-color, and tri-color.


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Swap Dahlias for Chrysanthemums

Dahlias: $5-8 per stem

Mums: $1-2 per stem


Dahlias are a favorite for most flower lovers because of their many petals that create a lovely shape and texture within bouquets. Chrysanthemums can also achieve the same look.  When people hear "Chrysanthemums" (Mum for short) many instantly think of a pot of orange or yellow flowers commonly used to decorate around Halloween.  However, Mums come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are resilient flowers that stand up to extreme temperatures. They also hold their petals much better than the delicate Dahlia.


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Swap Hydrangeas for Stock


Hydrangeas: 3-6 per stem

Stock: $1-3 per stem


Who's not a fan of Hydrangeas? They come in a beautiful variety of colors and have an air of elegance. Stock can create a very similar look at about half the price. Hydrangeas are the thirstiest of flowers, and require large amounts of water to stay hydrated. Stock tends to be a little less temperamental than Hydrangeas, and come in most colors as Hydrangeas. 



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Swap Delphiniums for Snapdragons 

Delphiniums: $5-7 per stem

Snapdragons: $3-5 per stem


Much like Delphiniums, Snapdragons give arrangements height, but without the lofty price tag.  With blooms all the way up their tall stalks, Snapdragons are very similar in appearance to Delphiniums. Snapdragons can be ordered year-round, and are available in many colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, orange, peach, purple and violet.


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Whether you decide to splurge or swap, we hope that you found this information helpful. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that cause flower prices to fluctuate throughout the year, including climate, seasons, holidays, and demand.