5 Ways Dapper will Make You Feel Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day.

November 1, 2016



1. Champagne Wake-Up Call


Rise and shine! We've brought you a hearty-breakfast, and a refreshing-mimosa (orange juice optional, of course.) Did you have racing thoughts last night? We are here to check-in on you. All to-do lists will be confiscated  - we insist. 


2. Unusual Requests? We've Got You Covered    


With so much excitement going on, unusual requests are not as unusual as you may think. Perhaps the best man realizes last minute that his socks that he thought were black are actually brown. Dapper carries an extensive emergency wedding kit (yep, we have socks) so you will not have to run any unexpected errands.  For anything not in our emergency wedding kit, there is no need to panic. Let's say the hubby-to-be forgot to schedule doggy boarding for Spot - we have assistants that allow us to stay with you in the case that the assistants need to briefly step off property. 


3. Turn Off Your Phone. We Can Take Your Calls 


You're the star of the day, and your friends, family, and vendors all want to make sure that everything is perfect for you. However, the phone calls and texts can quickly become overwhelming. We encourage you to direct calls our way. You can even put our contact information on your voicemail. We can filter through the noise, and keep you up-to-date, if necessary. 


4. Need a hug? We've Got Hugs 


We've done everything we could do to make sure that you are all smiles on your wedding day, but with a whirl-wind of emotions, tears happen, and we support them. Talk to us about whatever you are feeling. We are here for you, your family, and your friends. Do you have an in-law that you love to death, but can be a bit of a handful? Allow us to keep them occupied while you sip on your champagne and do what you need to do. Not only are we organizational connoisseurs, but we've got pretty big hearts, too.


Quiz time! 

Q: Which of the Dapper men do you think has shed a tear for every bride that we sent down the aisle? We've got mad love for you!

A: share this blog and we will fess-up.


5. Your Carriage Awaits


The clock strikes and it's time for you and your love to slip away on your honeymoon. Dapper stays on site to ensure everything runs seamlessly until the last guests depart. We deliver the checks to your vendors, keep the the food and cocktails flowing, arrange transportation for guests that need it, and conduct a final walk-through with the venue coordinator. We will gather any personal items that you do not want to take on your honeymoon, and deliver them to your house, or store them until your return. 


All of this and so much more is included in our Partial Wedding Service  and  Full Wedding ServiceContact your friends at Dapper today to discuss how we can make your wedding a royal affair! 





















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