DIY: Metal Rose

October 8, 2016

We are always looking for unique ways to add accents to our floral arrangements. We recently designed a wedding that featured many silver elements, and wanted to incorporate metal within the fresh floral arrangements. We experimented with different metals and materials, until we were able to create beautiful metal roses!  We were surprised at how quick it is to make these roses and you may just find it is also the perfect accent for your next project!





36 Gauge Aluminum


Hot Glue Gun



Embossing Pad

Embossing Tools

Petal Template


Step 1: Trace template 

Trace the petal templates onto the aluminum using the embossing pad and tool.  After the templates are traced, carefully cut them out, but be sure to leave each petal attached to the center circle. 


Tip: When cutting the aluminum, be sure not to close the tips of the scissors with each cut.  This will ensure the edges are not jagged. 



Step 2: Texture petals

After all the petals are cut out, using an embossing tool, ding up and scratch the edges of all the petals so they look like they have been scratched from the center out towards the edge. 


Tip: It is not necessary to texture the entire length of each petal as only the outer edge will be showing on the finished rose.



Step 3: Attach petals

Place the largest petal template on the bottom with the textured side facing up.  Place a small drop of hot glue on the center of the template.  Next, attach the next largest petal template on the drop of hot glue.  Continue with the other petals in descending order of size. 


Step 4: Bend petals

The first layer of petals only has three petals, and to form it, simply bend these three petals up and in using the tweezers.  Take the right edge of the first petal with the tweezers and bend it up straight while twisting the edge toward the center.  Continue this pattern with the other two petals.  The three petals should form a spiral with the inner edges nearly meeting in the middle and outer edges sticking out like a pin-wheel.  


For the second layer of petals, bend one edge of each petal up and in and then bend the other edge in, giving the petals a “C” shape.  Then, take the top 1/8” edge of each petal and curl it over just a bit with the tweezers.  This will make the petals more visible from the top and give the rose a more realistic look.  Use the tweezers to pull the individual petals towards the center, giving the rose a tight look. 


Continue with the third layer and bend the petals into a “C” shape.  Then, slightly curl over the top edge.  However, this time curl over the left and right side of the tip of the petal separately.  This will give the tip of the petal a slight triangular look. 


Continue on to the fourth and fifth layers in the same way while making the pointed petals more pronounced with each level.


Tip: The third layer should be almost round with a hint of a triangular look.  The fourth should be a bit more pronounced.  The fifth should be distinctly triangular. 


 Photo Credit: Malone Sinclaire Photography



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