Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

September 16, 2016


When chatting with couples who are in the process of planning their wedding, we find that many people have a fear of choosing the wrong wedding color palette.  They discover that it's not quite as simple as picking their favorite colors and making them the foundation for all of their wedding details. Perhaps you are having similar fears or frustrations? We encourage you to take your time and have fun when crafting your dream wedding palette. Here are some tips to help you get inspired! 


Get inspired

The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere!  It is all about discovering the best reflection of your style and personality.  Find one of your favorite photos together.  What colors are in the photo? Or maybe there is an item sitting around your house, like an accent pillow on your sofa, and you just love the colors? What is your favorite season?  Magazines, art galleries, and your friends’ weddings are also great sources for inspiration.  

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Create a mood

Your wedding palette not only helps you in determining how your colors are used throughout your wedding day, but they can also help create a particular vibe.  Think about the atmosphere you want to create and the style you envision.  What experience and feeling do you want to create for you and your guests on your wedding day?  If you want to make a statement, perhaps you might like to use gem tones or bold colors like ruby red or gold.  If you want to create a more calming environment, consider incorporating pastel colors.  If you love nature and the outdoors, think about earth tones. 






























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Know your priorities

What components of your wedding are the most important to you? For many couples it begins with the dress or the wedding venue. Consider the architecture and colors used throughout your venue when choosing your color palette. Or vice-versa, maybe you have always pictured your wedding centerpieces with your favorite pink garden roses. You may want to start here creating your color palette, before choosing your venue.  You don’t want something that you have dreamed about for years to clash with your venue.

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Think timeless

You want your color palette to remain timeless and still a beautiful scheme when you look back on your wedding.  The colors that inspire your home décor are colors that you know you can live with for a long time.  What colors have you used to decorate your home?  Check out your closet.  What colors do you love wearing?  This is also a great place to start in finding the perfect wedding palette for you.

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Consult a color wheel

There are some basic principles to know and follow when it comes to selecting a beautiful and cohesive palette.  Typically, colors that go well together are opposites because they pair a cool and warm color.  For example, sage and peach go well together.  Other colors that go well are “neighbors.”  These are colors that are similar to one another because they share a primary color.   For example, jade and cerulean are beautiful together.  Another way to build your color palette is by pairing a bright color with a more neutral color like violet at gray. 

Photo Credit: Color Scheme Designer


It's just a color

While your wedding palette will help you in your decisions for florals, centerpieces, the wedding cake, invitations, and bridesmaids dresses, use the colors as a guideline.  Your colors do not have to match perfectly, so don’t get overwhelmed in trying to get every detail just right.  After all, you have the freedom to choose and change your colors!  If you still need help choosing the right color palette for your special day, please reach out to your friends here at Dapper Event Design and Production. 




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