Go Naked! The New Cake Trend

August 20, 2016

We get clients asking us how to make their event or wedding unique-especially when it comes to food and desserts.  One of the most recent and unique food trends that we love is the “naked cake.”  Don’t worry, this is the one time during your special day where it is totally acceptable to be in the buff!  


Photo Credit: You Look Lovely Photography 


Instead of decorating the outside of your cake with layers of fondant or icing, it has become a new trend to increase the filling between the layers while leaving the outside of the cake exposed- and it is simply beautiful!  There is something mesmerizing about these all-natural cakes that makes them almost too perfectly imperfect to eat. 


Photo Credit: Flower and Flourish Cake


The best part of the naked cake is that the fun does not just stop at the beauty of the cake itself.  There are just as many ways to customize these naked cakes as their fully-frosted counterparts!  There are endless filling and topping options for the cake and they add a certain aesthetic and elegance to the cake's appearance.  You can fill the layers between the cakes with buttercream icing, chocolate ganache, fresh berries, caramel, honey, and so much more.  Additionally, you can top off the cake with more berries, other fruits, fresh flowers, or any other delicious treats that complement the theme of your event or wedding.


Photo Credit : Amalie Orrange Photography


Another perk to using a naked cake at your next event or upcoming wedding is that you don't need to break the bank to make a big statement.  It is easy to bake and design the cake yourself!  Since the beauty of the naked cake is in its imperfections, you can't make a mistake decorating.  


Photo Credit: Jen Fariello


There is a natural elegance and realness to these cakes that just makes them stunning.  Whether it’s a sophisticated event or rustic vintage wedding, these naked cakes will charm and wow your party guests.  Why not add a little excitement to your upcoming event and just go naked!? 





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