Food Truck Frenzy

September 2, 2016


The food truck explosion has become a nationwide phenomenon that has added a fun element to events.  Food trucks offer accessible, innovative, and award-winning cuisines at affordable prices and it is the perfect way to offer diverse food options.  Before you hire a food truck for your next event, consider the following:


Ensure food trucks have all necessary permits and insurance

It is important for the event organizer or planner to communicate well in advance with the food truck and the event venue regarding any special licensing, insurance, or permitting requirements that may need to be obtained.  Most event venues will require a catering permit and a certificate of insurance from the food truck.  Some venues work with exclusive caterers so don't put down any food truck deposits until you secure your venue, and know the event venue's catering policies.


Choose the menu carefully

Choose a menu that offers guests a few different selections.  Many food trucks are starting to serve high-end dishes with fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients that are even great for a formal event.  Be mindful that if you are in a particularly warm climate, warm/hot foods may not be the most enjoyable option for your guests.  Consider food trucks that serve ice pops, slushies, gelato, or milk shakes to keep guests cool.


Read contracts carefully

There is not a standard contract when it comes to food trucks and the details can be challenging when hiring multiple food trucks for one event.  Make sure you prepare a list of questions to ask your food

truck vendors so you don’t miss any important details.


Calculate how much food you will need for your guests

While food trucks can feed large groups relatively quickly, it can take some time for your guest to get through the line.  You should plan on having at least one food truck for every 75 guests for more intimate events or one food truck for every 200-300 guests for larger events.  It is important to keep in close communication with your food truck and keep them up-to-date on the number of expected guests so they can accurately calculate how much food they will need for your event. 


Consider your season

While summer seems like an obvious time to host a food truck at your event, remember that your guests could be standing in line outside away from any shade.  If you choose to have your event during a warmer time of year, try to place the

food truck in a location that provides more comfort for guests like the shade of a tree or building or consider renting a tent. 


Tempted to liven up your next event with a food truck or two?  Check out this endless list of Food Trucks in your area and their delicious menus!


Photo Credit: Green Bride Guide; Marriott Photography 





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