6 Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Planner

August 26, 2016



Wedding planners can help make your wedding smoother and more organized, and while hiring a wedding planner is well worth the investment, you certainly want to make sure that you are hiring the best planner for YOU.  Not all wedding planners are considered equal when it comes to the different services and experiences they offer.  As with any other person you are hiring to play a key role in your wedding, it’s imperative that you do some research about your potential wedding planner.  When you meet with a potential wedding planner, you want to be sure that you are asking the important questions.  Below are 6 key questions that you should considered asking before hiring your wedding planner.


What services do you offer?

When considering a wedding planner, the first decision you need to make is what type of service you need.  Full service wedding planners should handle every detail of your wedding and reception, including hiring a venue, decorating, and contracting with florist and caterers.  Some planners offer partial services, month-of, or day-of coordination.  These services are designed to help couples find an appropriate venue, florists, or caterers.  While partial services can save you a little money, most of the planning responsibilities will still fall on you.  In the long run, a full service wedding planner can save you both time AND money and they will certainly take away a great deal of stress.  


Tip: Don't be afraid to ask your wedding planner if they can help with preparations for a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even the honeymoon.  Most planners are willing to do what it takes to make your wedding perfect.


What is your philosophy about weddings?

A good wedding planner will be a key player in the success of your wedding.  To pull off your dream wedding, you need a planner who shares your vision.  Most wedding planners make their philosophies clear on their website.  It is important that your wedding planners’ philosophy fits with the values and visions for your big day.  For example, if one of your priorities is your guests and their experience, you want to be sure that your wedding planner values guest experience.  Likewise, if the florals and decorations are important, you will want a wedding planner that has an eye for design.   


How do you keep in touch with clients?

With all the decisions involved in planning a wedding, close contact and open communication with your planner is an integral part of creating an organized and stress-free planning process.  It is important to understand how often your wedding planner intends to get in touch with you.  If you prefer to speak with your planner whenever you need, be sure to find a planner who offers unlimited communication with clients.    


Tip:  If you are communicating with your planner via email, set up a separate email folder for all your wedding correspondence.  This will help you stay organized and allow you to keep all your emails in one area. 


Can you help us stay on budget?

For most couples, the wedding budget is the most important component of wedding planning and often creates the most stress.  Weddings planners play a major role in keeping your budget in check.  Make sure your wedding planning is willing to work with you on setting your budget and working within those parameters.  The right planner will be able to help you stretch your wedding budget further while providing first class service on the day of your wedding.


Tip:  Don’t commit or set your sights on any vendors or venues until you have decided your wedding budget and how much you are willing to allocate toward each expense. 


What is your role on our wedding day? 

While one of the perks to having a wedding planner is having someone there to coordinate your wedding day and help with any last minute emergencies, not all wedding planners will be at the venue on the day of your wedding.  Additionally, your wedding planner may not intend to stay through the entire ceremony and reception.  Make sure you ask your wedding planner’s involvement on the day of your wedding.  It is always nice to have your wedding planner by your side on the day of the wedding, so before you sign any contracts, make sure you are okay with your wedding planner’s involvement on your special day. 


Tip: When the wedding is over, your wedding planners work is not done.  Be sure to ask your wedding planner's involvement with cleanup, paying any vendors, and collecting and delivering wedding gifts to your home.  


What questions do you have for me?

Your potential wedding planner should be asking you lots of questions as well.  You and your wedding planner will be working closely together, so it is important that you both get to know one another.  Your wedding planner should be just as excited, interested, and invested into your wedding as you are. 



Photo Credit: A Practical Wedding


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