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"Meet the 2018 standouts who are making the floral industry more exciting than ever."

"They come from far and wide. Some have been dabbling in flowers since before they can remember. Others found their floral calling later in life. They are designers and florists, farmers, growers, and floral educators. They are creative, innovative and interesting. 
They are also Florists' Review's "35 Under 35" for 2018.
Every year, we ask industry professionals to nominate the best and the brightest rising stars in the floral industry so that we can spotlight them and share what they're doing with flowers. This year's crop includes some familiar names as well as some new faces bringing new energy and vividness to the industry. It's an exciting time to be in the floral world, and these 35 standouts are a big part of the reason why." 

Alex Wurth and Collin Shepherd

Dapper Event Design and Production

Phoenix, AZ & Denver, CO

Alex Wurth, Co-Founder & Director of Events

Growing up on a flower farm surrounded by fields of fresh lavender, dahlias and roses, Alex uses his fondness for nature as the medium for his creative passion. Alex naturally tells a story through each lovingly placed flower, creating living pieces that elegantly interlace floral and art. Believing that the beauty of floral artistry should be nurtured, Alex designs with a sincere passion, an imaginative personality and a commitment to detail. 

Collin Shepherd, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Collin embraces his love of floral artistry by blending distinctive elements into his designs. Incorporating metals, woods, ceramics or fabrics into custom pieces. Collin chooses materials that complement each floral design and enhance the textures, colors and patterns found within the arrangements. Adding these distinctive pieces into the floral allows Collin to connect his art individually to each client, creating truly one-of-a-kind designs. 

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