The Dapper Process

As designers, our role is to orchestrate the overall vision and design for your event.  We believe in a collaborative approach and we guide our clients through a 3-step process to produce exceptional events that exceed expectations.  Through an artful curation of ideas, creativity, and logistics, we present original concepts for your event.  Piece by piece, we weave the event together, selecting and directing the artists and vendors needed to execute our vision to perfection. 


You will connect with a member of our team to determine our availability and discuss your event needs.  Once we determine our feasibility, we invite you to be a part of a more in-depth exploratory process where we converse about your event to identify objectives and key elements.  We will discuss your aesthetic, personality, the intricacies of your event, the experience you want to create for your guests, and work to understand budget parameters.  This is a collaborative conversation for us to generate ideas, explore new designs, and develop a framework that will lead us into our next step.


This process is where our dedicated team spends the most time.  We conceptualize your event, layer by layer, until we have developed a complete design.  With an arsenal of creative ideas, we design thorough proposals detailing the event with graphics, branding, images, renderings, and narratives to communicate our vision in a comprehensive way.  These proposals also include each line item expense so you can see the overall investment.


Let the fun begin!  It's time for you to enjoy and let us get to work creating your special event.  Empowered by a team of professional designers, florists, and fabricators, we delight in seeing your event bloom and come to life.  Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations!